Rat Rods rule The Universe

There are way too many Shiny, Chrome and Billet cars in the world. www.ratroduniverse.com is dedicated to all things Old, Worn and begging to be DRIVeN. Hey Man, when did Hot Rodding revolve around making your car look perfect?? To many guys kill them selves trying to build a car just like every one else, never putting any creativity into it or doing something different. They’ll spend thoudsands of dollars on a totally chromed out motor or a super shiny paint job, when they could already be on the road enjoying their car. Eventually most of these cars never get finished and the PASSION DIES. 

Rat Rod Universe is here to promote the roots of Hot Rodding. Wether its Old School, Rat Rod, Barn Finds or Kustoms your into, you’ll find the cars and people who drive ’em here. No Trailer Queens!!! Here are a few sample pics of the cars and content you will fnd on the site !