Sherwin Williams / Macropoxy 646

Here are a few examples of Rides we have painted with Macropoxy 646 from Swerwin Williams. It only abour $40 per gallon and available in amost evry town in the USA. Thanks Check em out!! And there is more on

Ever wonder how to make the body work and paint on your ride look old when its NOT???
The following is a trade secret we have learned when it comes to Patina!
Step #1 Remove as much or as little paint as you need. Expose the bare steel.
Step #2 Strip the paint by using “Aircraft Stripper” do not waste time with any other product (this is the best product).
Step #3 Make sure the steel is bare and completely clean (a little sanding will ensure the steel is bare).
Step #4 Apply regular store bought “vinegar”…this is the secret in pickling steel.
Step #5 Apply using any simple spray bottle, it may take a few applications.
Step #6 Within a few minutes the steel will turn orange and the Patina (rust) will set in!
Step #7 Over the next couple of days you can re-apply and the Patina (rust) will deepen. 
Step #8 Your shop will smell like pickles for the next few days….don’t worry you’ll get used to it.


What is the best Flat Black Paint to Use?

Hey Man,   We all know that flat black looks good and is the standard for Old School Hot Rods. What is the best type of flat black to use when building a Rat Rod? I have heard of guys using all kinds of paint. Most common is spray cans of flat black from the home center. Problem is, spray cans look like crap and even if it’s only a buck a can you’ll still spend a hundred to get the job done. These are some pics of a truck we did with flat black acrylic dryfall from sherwin williams.  We spent $18 for the black, a few more dollars for tape and paper and sprayed it with an airless I borrowed from a friend. That is the cheapest paint job ever!  Check it out at  Looked pretty good don’t ya think???