Here are the pics of that 1930 Model A hot rod we have mentioned . Yes this is actually a late 1970’s stock Chevy Luv Pick-up Truck Chassis.  We got these pics from the builder. He said he has about $3000 in this car. This is a 1930 Model A steel body with a sheet metal flat floor welded in. Adapted to a late 70’s Chevrolet Luv stock chassis. It has a small block ford with a c4 tranny. The guy has 100 hours in the build.  Chevy LUV IFS front suspension complete with stock torsion bars. The donor car was a mid 80’s mustang 2 from which he harvested the motor, trans, radiator, shifter, steering column, plumbing and some electrical.  One of the best adapations of parts was the steerings…he got a rack and pinion unit from the wrecking yard out of a early 240Z and matched it to the steering arms of the LUV chassis…. Cool use of parts.  Check out more cars like this on www.ratroduniverse.com


Creative Builds


This is by far one of the most creative builds we have seen. We want to see what you think and what you have built…


We wanted to post these pics of a truck out here in Bakersfield. Our site is all about custom rods and the crazy things people do to build them. Well here’s a guy, who put a 1959 ford 1/2 ton pick-up Body on his 1984 Ford Ranger Pick-up Truck Rolling Chassis. Check out these pics. Pretty creative if you ask me. Looks like a 390fe motor, auto trans and a good looking finished product. Satin red and white walls give it a good look. This truck reminds me of the Studebaker you have posted, late model chassis with an old school body. It takes some effort but you can build some cool rides if you just put alittle effort and alittle cash into it! we love you guys over at www.ratroduniverse.com



This post is all about home built Hot Rods! www.ratroduniverse.com has a ton of these cars! Yes, We love to see all the guys over the years who build their own cars. Just like in the 50’s when a bunch of friends got together to build their dream. Here is a great example of a pickup built in just the same way. This guy took what he had, added a little creativity and made it work. He used all the sheet metal and body off of a 1951 Studaker Pick-up Truck, which he paid $500 for. Found a rolling chassis from a late model 1992 Toyota Pickup Truck, which he found on Craigslist for $200. Added a small block chevy motor 350/350 combo, again from craigslist for $400. And what you get is something they call FrankenStude. Pretty darn cool. NOW that’s the way the old guys used to do it…………. By the way trailer queens………it’s a driver!