Which Rear End should I use?

I am building a 1929 Ford. It’s gonna be an Old school looking Hot Rod. You guys have any advise on rear ends. Here are a few pics of the types I’ve seen used. Of course I hear about Ford 9″, Chevy 12 Bolt, Jaguar rear IRS, and theĀ old Banjo Type. But what are the Pro’s and Con’s to each.


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  1. Pat Gilroy says:

    nine inch ford is best. in my opinion.

  2. Richard says:

    Hi – I am sure that you know this; But with the Ford (9 inch rear end) One side of your axel shafted is longer then the other side; We cut the houseing to make the unit shorter; (both the same size) because if put on large tires It would really stick out – We did this and a 31 Ford sedan.
    God Bless

  3. John Mashburn says:

    Yea, Pick up a 9 inch for. Any junk yard has these rear ends. by the way we like http://www.ratroduniverse.com

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