What Steering Box Do I Use??

hey I’m building a an Old School rat rod type Model A Hot Rod. What steering box should I use and where should i get it?


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  1. Pat Gilroy says:

    Vega steering box.
    This is the hot rod standard.
    hey we dig http://www.ratroduniverse.com nice work.

  2. tim foyley says:

    Go to wwwmtotalperformance.com those dudes have all the t bucket parts Tim

  3. John Mashburn says:

    I hear Vegas steering boxes work the best and are the most universal.

  4. Art Tupaczewski says:

    it’s true what everyone is saying. Go for the Vega steering box as it is easy to install and very effective. http://www.ratrodauthority.com/Rat-Rod-Suspension_Brakes

  5. Steve says:

    I have an old school T-bucket that was built in 63 and it has a Corvair box, which is typical for Buckets of that era. However you said a model A so that would usually be a Vega box with cross steering.

  6. Josh Atwood says:

    check out http://www.speedwaymotors.com they have all the steering and brakes you need

  7. Check out the JC Whitney catalogue for everything you need for your rat rods or hot rods.

  8. Thom says:

    What about a Bronco 2 steering box? It gives you the power steering option.

  9. Rocket88 says:

    If your going for old school, use a Ford F1 steering box. Like a 53 to 55. Use the column as well. Cut it down and use a Borgeson joint to connect so you can angle it anyway you want. That’s old school. If you use a Vega, that’s the 60/70’s look which is not old school. They work great but you won’t achieve the “look”.

  10. roadie chris says:

    or a chevy vega, but the f-1 is a better choice..gives it the “correct” look, especially with the steering column.

  11. roadie chris says:

    and that light a car, you shouldnt need power steering, besides.. power steering is for sissies…this is rat rodding

  12. dean Oxendine says:

    Im looking 4 a bad ass rat rod my number is 910 674 8172 thanks

  13. Mike Gee says:

    Love The Site!!!! Wanted to share another http://HowToRatRod.com

    Thanks Guys!!!!!!!!

  14. LLOYD says:

    check out ez steer looks stock

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anybody ever used a 78 ford courier steering colum and box in there rod?

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