What is the best Flat Black Paint to Use?

Hey Man,   We all know that flat black looks good and is the standard for Old School Hot Rods. What is the best type of flat black to use when building a Rat Rod? I have heard of guys using all kinds of paint. Most common is spray cans of flat black from the home center. Problem is, spray cans look like crap and even if it’s only a buck a can you’ll still spend a hundred to get the job done. These are some pics of a truck we did with flat black acrylic dryfall from sherwin williams.  We spent $18 for the black, a few more dollars for tape and paper and sprayed it with an airless I borrowed from a friend. That is the cheapest paint job ever!  Check it out at  www.ratroduniverse.com  Looked pretty good don’t ya think???


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  1. Bill Newcomb says:

    DP90 is a good product to use as a black finish. It has sort of a flat/satin sheen to it when dry. In the long run it will not hold up to the UV like finish paint would. Made by PPG. Ask them

  2. Roger says:

    I have used Sherwin Williams Macropoxy 646. It is good, got a satin sheen and available in any color.

  3. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Hey Roger. Post some of the cars you have painted with Macropoxy 646……..

  4. Pat Gilroy says:

    My advise is that any flat black is a good flat black. Like the rods on the Rat Rod Universe website. I think that black is great no matter where is comes from. If all you have is spray cans….do it. I saw a guy do his ride with acrylic water borne satin black DTM “direct to metal” paint from a local paint store and it looked pretty good. He put it on with an airless paint sprayer, but what the heck. It worked. He spent like $28 for a gallon of that and his ride was good. It may not last forever but, that is what Rat Rods are all about.

  5. Jerry says:


    I love it, this looks great. Here are some pictures of some of the cars that I am working on:


    Hope you like them.


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